About this blog

There are two people involved in this blog. Here is a little about them:

The Baker:

Keith Goyden first got introduced to good bread at Berkeley’s Acme Bakery in the late ‘80s when he was dancing in the San Francisco Bay area, California. Acme Bakery was at the forefront of the artisan bread movement in the United States. His dance work took him to Paris, where he discovered the breads of Lionel Poilane.

Keith checks that his cakes are level

Inspired by these bakers of excellent breads in the emerging artisan bread movement of the 1980s, Keith joined Grand Central Bakery, Seattle’s first artisan bakery. He apprenticed with
Leslie Mackie, then the head baker at Grand Central, for several years.

After his apprenticeship at Grand Central, Keith was invited to create in-house baking progams for two of Seattle’s finest restaurants- Campagne and Cafe Lago.

Always in search of new breads and techniques, Keith and a friend travelled to Mealhada, Portugal where they met Dona Edit, a baker who was to transform Keith’s understanding both of bread and the role a bakery can play in a rural community.

Between 1996-98, Keith led the growth of Fugazzi Bakery in Spokane from 40 loaves a day to 2000 loaves a day. At Fugazzi, Keith nurtured connections with wheat growers, millers, and the food community of Spokane.

A desire to better appreciate the political, economic and ecological dynamics of our food systems led Keith to academics where he studied water issues and food networks. Sustaining this academic inquiry was his baking stint with the Essential Baking Company, in Seattle.

In March 2018, Keith opened Pão Bakery and Workshop at Chatola, Uttarakhand. This blog is about the bakery- the breads it produces and the many unexpected quirks of running an artisan bakery in the Himalayas.

The Writer:

I am Chicu Lokgariwar and I write the words that you read on this blog. I work on water issues, mainly around water conflicts and the conservation of rivers.

I live above the Pão Bakery and Workshop. In that sense, I have all the advantages of an embedded journalist and am privy to stories as they happen. I am also married to Keith, and so in many ways, this blog is essentially a fan blog. I hope you enjoy reading it. If you want to read more stories about our life in the mountains, here’s my other blog.

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